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...  2006 ADDC KEURING... HALIFAX ...
The 2006 Halifax ADDC Keuring was held September 10.
New Perth Farms was a major exhibitor and placed well in all classes culminating with North American recognition for Wingar, ZoDane, and Wiseman.
The KWPN inspection team was lead by Jacques Verkerk of Holland
accommpanied by Faith Fessenden from the US.
ZoDane, was the top 2 year old; and received a 3rd placing top 10  North American
Wingar received a STAR designation, placed first for conformation & 72 for jumping: and placed first top 10 North America (conformation) and second for jumping
from the

Catherine Arsenault
Wiseman received a STAR designation and placed 5th for movement in the North America top 10
Wiseman & Megan Crouse
Waltzelina was made Second Premium and is being held by Martha Mellish
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Veganieta (2005 first for conformation North America) with daughter Bagatelle NPF First Premium 2006 Halifax
Bagatelle NPF
Bolshoy NPF ws made Second Premium being shown by Paulette Jones
Bastion NPF was made Second Premium ... seen with his dam Florentina
ZoDane with Ken Mellish
Eric Lamaze and Hickstead who took gold in Olympic individual show jumping ... our Vuzarma is a half sister to Hickstead both sired by Hamlet
Concorde X Vuzarma
Donatelli X Virgina                    
2009 Foals
New Perth Farms successfully competed at the 2009 Keuring held at Gingerwood Stables, Stanhope, Prince Edward Island; receiving a first premium for the yearling Demarko (Johnson/Florestan) , two year old Calypso (Sandreo/Jazz) and the foals Espertina ( Sir Oldenburg/Florestan) and Enkeur (Lord Sinclair). Demarko subsequently achieved First place North America in yearling dressage while Calypso achieved top five (#2) for North America and Espertina was Champion Young Horse at the Keuring

Zinosa was accepted into the studbook and Bagatelle NPF recieved a high enough mark for studbook but needs to meet further requirments as she is register B. A complete summary of the Gingerwood Keuring can be found on the NA/WPN site.
Yearlings - Dressage      
Jury comments ...
        First place and first premium were given to the single entry Demarko NPF (Johnson out of Florentina DE)  bred and owned by New Perth Farms. This long lined, but slightly small-footed, chestnut colt showed good technique and good use of his back in his movement. The higher movement score (7.8) moved him solidly into first place in the Top Fives.
DEMARKO (1st North America)
Foals/Weanlings - Dressage
Jury comments

First was Esprentina NPF (Sir Oldenburg out of Florentina DE by Florestan x Phonix) bred and owned by New Perth Farms. A 'wow' foal, modern long-lined, leggy with a good shoulder length and slope earned a 7.8 on conformation. A 7.6 was given for movement since there was suppleness and good technique, but she could have had more power behind. The Best Young Horse -Dressage award was easily given to this black filly.

In second place, and first premium, was Enkeur NPF (Lord Sinclair out of Zinosa by Tango x Purioso) also bred by New Perth Farms. This bay colt was a nice type but remarks were that he was quite light-legged. In movement he showed good balance but lacked full power and length of stride.
Two-Year Olds - Dressage
Jury comments

        Three youngsters were entered in this class. Two earned first premiums with solid scores. First was Calypso NPF (Sandreo out of Veganieta ster by Jazz x Zeoliet) bred and owned by New Perth Farms. An elegant, leggy, 'blood-type' (as the Dutch would say - meaning thoroughbred), this dark bay colt show a big walk and beautiful technique in the trot. Remarks on the forelegs' back at the knee brought the conformation score below that of the 7.5 given for movement.
CALYPSO (2nd North America)
The youngest Veganieta offspring is ENIETA NPF (Brentano II/Jazz)
 BAGATELLE NPF (Donatelli/Jazz) recieved a score of 70 in IBOP, movement and conformation. Three year old out of Vaganieta.
HANOSA   (Johnson X Zinosa)
HORATIO  (Sandreo X Waltzalina)
HAYMISH  (Sandreo X Virtual Rose)
HAVANA  (Sandreo X Virgina)